Our Stories

Our Stories
If you have a story of how the Hub has benefited you and your family please email: info@parentinghub.org.nz
"Today was my first time visiting the Hub and I hadn't thanked you all before I left after todays Maths session. I thoroughly enjoyed what I learnt today and felt welcomed and encouraged by learning ways to help my son with his Maths. Thank you for such a wonderful time and such awesome little Maths packs to help me to help my children."
"The Manurewa Parenting Hub has changed my life for the better. It has made me a confident person and I feel I can take on any challenge that comes in front of me"
"The Hub is my happy place, they teach me so much and it is really good to learn more about parenting. The Manurewa Parenting Hub is the place to be, they are very friendly and welcoming and work together to build love and safe homes. I'm looking forward to more"
"I am a single father of 3 kids and I think the concept of the Parenting Hub at Manurewa South School is awesome. The demonstrations were very informative and hands on. There was a number of parents from the local community who were very willing to help each other in whatever way they could and it would be great to share ideas with these people again" (First time attending, Dad of 3 children)
"The Hub at Manurewa South School is absolutely fantastic. It is a place for people to gain confidence, knowledge, friendship and most importantly for some, a place of belonging. As it is based at the school the Hub is also a stepping stone in giving people the confidence to actually step out and become involved in their own communities as they may not have done on their own" (Mum of 2 children)